Music Theory Tuition

Why Do I Need To Take Music Theory Tuition?

Music Theory Tuition

Grade 5 Theory is a prerequisite for taking Associated Board instrumental exams from Grade 6 onwards. While he endeavours to cover this training with his pupils during their piano or singing lessons, Matt is more than happy to see external students and of other instruments to provide help with the Grade 5 Theory exam. Individual teaching sessions can be tailored to your specific needs.

Music theory is a complex skill requiring broad musical knowledge and attention to detail. Matt believes in a methodical approach. Once the essentials are understood, practice papers are completed and providing students are ready they are entered for the Associated Board Grade 5 exam.

The examination success rate under Matt's tuition has been 100%. Examinations normally take place in February, June and October.

Can I Continue Music Theory Tuition Beyond Grade 5?

If you want to continue Music Theory Studies beyond grade 5, Matt is more that willing to tutor you through to grade 8. As well as providing a further in-depth knowledge of music harmony and composition, this will also provide UCAS points for university applications.

Music Theory Tuition