Singing Tuition

Whether you want to sing opera, pop, jazz or any other form of music the initial technique is basically the same.

Matt's aim in singing tuition is to provide a sound foundation for singing all musical styles. Students will learn to produce a beautiful, steady tone by learning to breathe with their core and giving support to the voice by correct use of the abdominal muscles. The emphasis is always on natural and unforced voice production.

Whilst the importance of good technical training forms an essential foundation of my teaching, this is never at the expense of realising the sheer enjoyment and pleasure of singing, and of learning to use one's voice effectively.

Singing Tuition

What If I Cannot Read Music Fluently, Or Even At All?

Matt will help you to learn and memorize music securely, whilst at the same time developing an understanding of the basics of notation, thereby enhancing your ability to learn new music. He is a specialist in the teaching of sight-singing, musicianship and aural skills and can help you to develop these to s high level of proficiency.


Although happy to take students through singing exams to grade 8 and beyond (with a 100% pass rate since 1999), Matt is very keen that these are not seen as the only target. The delight in exploration and discovery, the physical pleasure of singing, the success of performing at whatever level; to him these things are at least as important as any formal qualifications.

For students also studying music at school or college Matt endeavours to work in a way that will complement a given syllabus, for example in the preparation of set recital pieces, in augmenting their theory or music history work..